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Your Audio Knowledge Source

Discussion in 'AK Polls' started by AudioKeith, May 22, 2017.


Where does your audio knowledge come from?

  1. Audio Technician (Repairs)

  2. Audio Salesman

  3. Audio Engineer (Radio/TV)

  4. Disc Jockey

  5. Audio Engineer (Live or Recording Studio)

  6. Worked at or Owned an Audio Company

  7. Musician

  8. System Installer

  9. Self Taught

  10. Vulcan MindMeld with .. (choose and audio icon)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. AudioKeith

    AudioKeith AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Cape Coral, FL and Stafford, VA
    With the wealth of knowledge members bring to AK, I wonder where it comes from, so a quick poll to see where some of the knowledge derived from.
    You may of course choose more than one and feel free to elaborate.

    Over my 60 years I have worked, generally part time, in many aspects of audio which have added to my knowledge and love of music and equipment. Been a disc jockey and engineer at a half dozen radio stations, mostly NPR and military, owned my own recording studio and audio instillation company for a while, sold equipment at military A/V stores, been an on call stage hand, and played drums and did engineering for a few bands. Now that retirement is approaching I hope to learn about repairing equipment and start an on line radio station.
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  2. lini

    lini just me...

    Munich, Bavaria
    In my case it's a mix: Some comes from books and mags, some from good audio salesmen or respectively shop owners, some from audio developers/company owners, some from real life friends who also happen to be technically interested or at least experienced hifi fans, some from audio forum friends/aquaintances, some from manufacturer brochures/catalogues/infos on web-sites or manufacturer representants (product managers, pr people), some from my own theoretical and practical investigations as well as practical experiences.

    Greetings from Munich!

    Manfred / lini

    P.S.: Oh, Cape Coral... My aunt and uncle also have a house there (and another in Perryville, MO) - would be a funny coincidence, if you'd happen to know them.
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  3. Hyperion

    Hyperion Roobarb & Custard Subscriber

    Hertfordshire, UK
    Self taught, but I did work on military communications equipment (as an electronics engineer) for nine years.
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  4. c.coyle

    c.coyle Crisis actor Subscriber

    40.333434 -76.423714
    Self taught. Never been in any electronics-related business. My old man liked to tinker and could fix almost anything if you gave him enough time. He got me started with soldering and Heathkits. Got my ham ticket in 11th grade.
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  5. JDub

    JDub AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Saint Paul, MN
    Something like 90% of what (little) I know I learned from AK.
  6. Freds.Bands

    Freds.Bands Live Music Listener Subscriber

    near Syracuse NY
    The selections are not inclusive. I learned a lot from on the job during an audio research project, having a physics degree or two.


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  7. SteveA

    SteveA Super Member

    Wellington, New Zealand
    Some (possibly most) audio salesmen are crap, including one I worked for when I was a student, but I have been lucky enough to get to know a couple in recent years who are good value and one has even become a friend.

    Although the boss was rubbish the gear was good in the shop I worked in as a student and I learned to listen for and recognise the differences between bits of kit (yes we use that term down here). Downside of that was that since I had learned how to recognise good sounding equipment I was frequently 'forced' to dig deep into the pocket after being foolish enough to audition something a bit tempting.
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  8. Crazyblocks

    Crazyblocks Active Member

    Richmond VA, USA
    Self taught
    Mostly from my dad

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