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Discussion in 'Exclusively Sansui' started by bbcmp1979, May 23, 2012.

  1. bbcmp1979

    bbcmp1979 New Member

    It doesn't look like there are a lot of z7000 units out there and I really don't know where it stands compare to other units from sansui.

    Well, I opened the casing to check things out and found a few caps that were slightly bulging already. The only reason why it was still playing was the cap were topped with GLUEEEddd??? Which prevented them from fully exploding???? hmmmm..

    Anyhow, looks like i need cap replacement on the z7000, and found no one has done it yet so I'll be on my own here.

    Here's the preliminary cap list that I have on top of my head. The complete list is at home.

    2200uf 35v
    1000uf 25v, 16v
    470uf 35v, 25v, 16v
    220uf 35v, 25v, 16v
    100uf 25v, 16v

    two 10,000uf 70WV... ... and I have no idea where to source those out.

    I've ordered everything except (2) 10,000uf caps.

    Hopefully I'll get them done in 3weeks or so...
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  2. scottrt

    scottrt Well-Known Member

    SF Bay Area, San Ramon
    Try searching for 10000uf 80v caps and see if the dimensions are similar. You may even to able to get some 12000uf 80 or 100v that will fit the same diameter holders.

    Scott T.
  3. Skywatcher

    Skywatcher AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I know this is an old thread, but I just picked up one of these later production units as well and just did a full electrolytic replacement. Mouser has the 10,000/80v caps with the 5 pins for an exact replacement of the 10,000/71v with the same diameter, but a few mm shorter. Most of the caps are pretty standard voltages with the exception of a few 100v. But they are readily available anyways. So far, it sounds just wonderful. But the left channel is stronger than the right so I need to investigate that further. Has anyone experienced this on any of the early 1980's Sansui receivers or amps?

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