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  1. PappyODaniel
    Sherwood S7110B, S7100A, Lafayette LR200A, Pioneer VSX 524, Dual 1209, Fisher XP9's, Infinity SM-150.s , Scott S-10's.
  2. Zicdave
    Zicdave mpr2000

    Congratulation on the Pioneer repair.

    I have a sick PL 50 L II. Noise when it runs. Locks, ok etc. I have recapped everything.

    I believe it is the motor itself.

    How on earth did you pull it apart? The motor unit looks similar to the one you have... no guidance available sadly...

    How can I open the motor unit? I have removed the cooler for the servo chip etc. But I am stuck here...

  3. sajjad amer
    sajjad amer
    Life is a Lemon and I want my money back!
  4. beowulf3515
    beowulf3515 Old HiFi Guy
    New to the network so here goes my first post. I'm in search of an owners manual for my Kenwood KN-7044 Quadrixer. That would be the pot of gold at the end of the search. Information on how to hook that puppy up to my Kenwood KA-7002 would be a close second prize. Any information you may have, people to contact, or advice would be most appreciated.

    best regards

    1. Jack the Re
      Jack the Re
      I use my KN 7044 as 4 channel amplifier. I have a Kenwood 7001 tuner, 8011 denoiser and a 6060A scope connected to the KN 7044. I don't know if you can connect a KA 7002 amplifier to the KN 7044.

      I did buy a service manual for the 7044 from Ebay several years ago. I don't think I have an owners manual for the 7044. I looked on Hi Fi Engine and there was no listing for the KN 7044.
      Mar 18, 2019 at 10:21 AM
    2. beowulf3515
      Thanks much for your response. I've checked a number of sites and had no luck either. I appreciate your looking into this.
      Mar 18, 2019 at 9:57 PM
  5. Zekeman
    Zekeman CAIG Labs
  6. Ganhaman
    Ganhaman bberkom
    HELLO, I HAVE READ YOUR MESSAGE, IN WHICH YOU SAY THAT YOU HAVE REBUILT THE FILTERS OF THE PIONEER A-700, please do not have photo or data of what capacitors and changes you did, a greeting from Spain, thanks
  7. Hi80Fi
    Hi80Fi Velox
    Thanks for your response Velox...I have been to HiFiEngine and seen those spec/service/schematic manuals but no owners manual...I did see the PM30 but is different than my PM300.....maybe I should post a picture of them...again thanks for your reply
  8. clinic-audio
    Hello Andrea, send me an e-mail at thank you
  9. Tomcow
    Where do I begin and what do I check next??? Thanks!
  10. Tomcow
    All output transistors are good replaced all the wrong fuses and blown fuses with correct fuses and pulses from dim to bright on dbt.
  11. Tomcow
    Amp had All the wrong fuses installed two were blown with aluminum foil around them
  12. Tomcow
    Need help with Sansui AU 99 9 AMP
  13. 1JGP1
    1JGP1 dgwojo
    Hi dgwojo,

    Struggling to find the right bulb (14.5V 80mA) clear bulb with wire ends...
    It's for a Yamaha T1 Tuner. I've heard from a few members you know the bulb.
    The other one that I am pulling my hair out on is a meter bulb for a Kenwood 600T tuner.
    It's a 8v 300mA bulb. It's not a screw in type or bayonet style - although it has a metal base/ two leads & a rubber base that slides over it.
  14. spaghetti
    spaghetti clinic-audio
    Hi Patrice, I am looking for output transistors for a yamaha B2 amp. I need one channel. Do you happen to have a set available, or do you know someone who does? I need it to fix my B2, or I guess I will need to sell it as defective if I can't find the parts.
    Thank you,
  15. ImageKing24
    ImageKing24 chuckworkb
    Hey Chuck. Do you still have the 100 watt schematic from Battradio? I brought one up on the variac yesterday and it passed audio but the output transformer became hot to the touch after a few minutes of play. Any info or schematics that you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance! Have a great day.
  16. GeorgeAR
    GeorgeAR marcmorin
    Hello Marc.

    I have a AR XA Turntable. It was purchased by my Father in 1963 -1964.

    The turntable does not spin freely. It seems to jam in the deep bearing hole . Looks like it is a soft babit bearing hole. I have tried cleaning out the bearing hole with alcohol and removed allot of dirt. but the table still turns way too tight and will not turn freely.

    any help would be appreciated.

    1. marcmorin
      Hi, this sounds like the two motor table, with the bolt-in delrin bearing wells. nothing can be done with those. the subchassis needs replaced with a later model cast type, and the arm needs upgraded to the later type also.
      Mar 17, 2019 at 12:10 AM
    2. GeorgeAR
      marc - yes it appears to be a 2 motor version with the Delrin bearings - how much would it cost to covert it as you describe..?
      Mar 17, 2019 at 8:10 PM
    3. marcmorin
      not sure, you'd have to find a subchassis, and arm. I have no extras in inventory due to this issue.
      Mar 18, 2019 at 7:06 AM
  17. Man in Cave
    Man in Cave nolasally
    Or sold pending. However you want to do it.

  18. Man in Cave
    Man in Cave nolasally
    I see the lights are out. Well, I'm still interested so I'll take it. Mark it as sold, please. I'll do Paypal.

  19. Man in Cave
    Man in Cave nolasally
    I'll buy it if you tell me: What's the working condition? Lights works and all?

  20. Zack Sainz
    Zack Sainz
    About to embark on a classic stereo adventure.