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Feb 17, 2005
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Dec 8, 1974 (Age: 44)
Bikini Bottom (Ann Arbor, MI)
Lunch shift at the Krusty Krab.

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Scrappy Mod, 44, from Bikini Bottom (Ann Arbor, MI)

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Mar 19, 2019 at 3:19 PM
    1. thefragger
      How ya been, Ed? Is Dave still around?
    2. malachi10
      Hay whats going on ed. Its jeff. I meet you at the hi-fi show 3 years ago. You were going to help me with making a tube amp. I have to get together with you after the holidays. I have somethings I need to run by you. I finished school a 1 1/2 ago still looking for a hjob but, everything is well. I might be building a speaker for a shop in ann arbor working on that now. Well seasons blessing hope to hear from you soon.
      Sorry I did not keep in touch been going thru alot but, I am back. Help there is be a show this year it be cool. Later jeff.
    3. JBN
      Happy Birthday, Ed!!!!!!!!
    4. JBN
      Happy Birthday, Ed! How are you and the family doing? Tell Erica I said hello for me. :-)
    5. vtomike
      I am having a hard time posting on my blackberry. Could you call me? 909-806-0322. Mike
    6. vtomike
      I would like to buy the TT. Could you send me pictures? Thanks, Mike
    7. clifwst
      I just got the Antek tranny in for the 6LU8 compactron build, could you draw out how you connect both sides of the wiring,

      I think I understand wiring the 120 side in parallel, both reds together both blacks together, using the blacks as the nominal hot lead.

      Am I right?

      For the 275v side do I wire it yellow-white combined-yellow or the reverse;
      white-yellow combined-white?

      This is my first build, and translating the design from schematic to the real world isn't very easy the first time.

      I have a 6CA4 rectifier tube coming with the 6UL8's and can understand how the design goes together, except for which color wires exactly go where, for right now.

      Thanks for the help, clif
    8. DanO55
      Didn't hear back from you about the soldering unit. Are you pleased with the unit, arrive safely, anything I can do for ya. Just curious.

    9. ashok
      Hey Ed! Happy birthday my friend! Hope you had a good day today.
    10. JBN
      Happy Birthday, Ed!
    11. Marantz7t15
      That was some funny shit right there buddy, but I think we drove the poor guy off. Say, is that you in your avatar? If you like that guy, you ever heard of Jeff Dunham or better yet, Terry Fator. These guys are really awesome puppet dudes! Anyway, I got a real fucking kick out of our stupid shit, but if you get a chance to apologize to that other guy, tell him it was Echowars fault! Alright. See ya buddy. Chris
    12. michaelsamra
      Hi Squidward
      Since Im a huge SBSP fan I thought I would ask you how do I get in the password protected chat rooms?
    13. kwingylee
      Hey Ed, your Cornwalls are a riot. I forgot to ask you which ALK XO do you have in there and why on earth did you decide to put the Crites stuff in? Did you blow something.


    14. barrynsue
      Hi Ed, Not sure if you wuld be interested but my daughter needs to store a few things over the summer. A TV, lamp, table and a couple boxes of clothes. I would be happy to pay for storage over the summer (if you have any extra room) and can use the TV if interested. Give me a call if you have the space (or even if you don't) so I can make some arrangements. Many thansk, Barry 757-576-8890
    15. djnagle
      Hey Ed, got your invitation to become a friend on AK but don't know what that means. I called the other day to get your opinion on the Denon 2910. Is it mostly the same as and 2900. I really need to upgrade my cd player. Cheers.
    16. Bigerik
      Glad to be counted among your friends!
    17. Mike Gibson
      Mike Gibson
      You better say Hi once in a while :)
    18. AlleyKat
      Glad to have you as a friend!
    19. dmax99
      Ed, it's always good to hear from you.If yer goin' to the next SMAC bash,I'll see ya there.If not mebbe we should get together for some brews 'n' tunes.David
    20. doucanoe
      Always considered you a friend Ed. Now it's all official like!
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    Dec 8, 1974 (Age: 44)
    Bikini Bottom (Ann Arbor, MI)
    Lunch shift at the Krusty Krab.
    I'm a cranky blue squid

    Playing clarinet, avoiding sponges.