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Electron Rancher - JS3600, from The Valley of Chief Black Hawk

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    1. TMaster
      Hello, I was wondering if the BF256B Junction Fets are ok to replace the 2SK34's on a SX-3800 power supply board? I know you said you tested them with muting circuits. Thanks in advance.
    2. zebulon1
      Thanks for the vote of confidence. It means much coming from you!!!
    3. Greg86z28
      Hi Watthour,

      I am on the near west side of Madison (Hilldale area if you are familiar). I do have a 3rd gen. I am Codename 47 over on TGO. I do know Vader on the forums. I haven't been all that active on the TGO forums in the past few years (I think I registered back in 03/04). I've had my 3rd gen for about 10 years (got it when I was 17). I still have it but it's been under the car cover in storage for probably about 4-5 years now. I'm hoping to get something circa 1970, maybe a Chevelle or Road Runner (something "full size"). I would never sell the Camarothough, too much sentimental value.

      Mine's the one in the upper left (that's pretty much the way it still looks):

      I am interested in just about anything that is older or that can be taken apart and either restored or improved. You wouldn't happen to be an engineer as well?

      Look me up if you are in Madison, I'll buy lunch if you are interested.
    4. johnny_fever
      Cool...Keep me up to speed on the Pioneer. JF
    5. Watthour
      I'm about nine miles due north of Byron. I found a pair of 23s at the SA on N. 2nd in Loves Park, completely intact. I opened them last night and found the caps original, and after lifting a leg, still in the ±10% range.
    6. tonyk
      Hi Watthour,

      Yes I did get sell my Model 23's. I had to make room for the JBL's in my avatar.

      I've owned quite a few of the vintage classics (Advents, Dynaco A25, AR2ax) and the Model 23 was easily the best sounding of them all. I would recap if they haven't been done already, I believe it was one 4mf cap for the tweeter, and they'll sound very good.

      So where ya from Watthour?

    7. markthefixer

      old lists, mixed, old prices etc
    8. vintageboy
      I have a friend in Madison who finds some good stuff at the goodwills there! A Marantz 1060, Sansuo 5000X, Pioneer SX-680 and there were few more but I don't remember! I guess we are not lucky enough to find good gear
    9. Fisherdude
      Thanks for the note. Always appreciate hearing from the customers! :D

      There are sometimes requests for "no-holds-barred" forums. However, if you think about it logically, the reason why we have forbidden content is because we don't want it at AK. Simply moving it to a specific forum would be agreeing to host it. So, we try to be consistent.

      Take care!
    10. boreas
      Cool! I was wondering whether the PE stuff was thicker. That was the only thing that was of concern. I didn't want to get it wasn't an improvement over the Contact Paper in terms of durability. I did suspect that it would look a lot better though.

      It looks like I'll need 5 linear feet to recover both the receiver and turntable. How much would you want for that much?
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