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Jun 23, 1957 (Age: 61)
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Technical writer, formerly technical trainer.

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Addicted Member, 61, from RIP 1957-2018

Hi Bing64, I'd like to ask, do you plan to do it or to have it done? Mar 28, 2016

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Jan 26, 2018
    1. pustelniakr
    2. Mark_in_Lex
      Hi Don, I'm a AK member for a year and an half now :) Am looking to find a person to rebuild my Sherwood s8000. Maybe you can give me a reference? I'm in the next town over. Lexington. Thanks, Mark
    3. audiodon
      Hi Bing64, I'd like to ask, do you plan to do it or to have it done?
    4. Bing64
      Hello Don. Need some guidance on how to proceed in resurrecting our family's Fisher 800-B. How can I connect with you? Many thanks!
    5. Spikedart
      Hey Don, it's been too long. Look forward to seeing you at Franks tomorrow!
    6. audiodon
      Thanks. Recently disabled. Ego says yes body says no. Sorry - welcome and enjoy.
    7. Bhach
      Brand new member here and an admitted tube novice. Currently playing a single Maggie 142 mono for hours a day and enjoying it thoroughly. Recently picked up a second unit, needs caps/choke replaced. Looking to see if anyone in Boston area does this sort of thing. Very much want to run both of them but way out of my league. I believe I should start with a simple DIY kit and leave this Maggie project to a pro. Thoughts are welcome and appreciated!
    8. audiodon
      Thanks rocksnrum.
    9. RocknRum
      I guess it's my turn to wish you a Happy Birthday. Have a good 58th!
    10. audiodon
      The shaft does stick through, on the upper right. It runs a dual concentric pot, one for each channel, and the on/off switch is snapped onto the back of it. As far as the part number, I posted the X-101-C schematic in the digital docs forum on AK. I've always replaced pots by scavenging one off another unit. You could, I suppose use an ALPS pot and an on/off switch, but it takes away some of the authenticity. Best of luck and post your treasure in the Fisher forum where there are lots of helpful folks.
    11. audmod01
      Don; Regarding a Fisher X-101-C: I bought one recently that needs lots of work before I can even begin Dave Gillespie's modifications. I have a few questions that you may be able to answer for me.

      Does the original volume control/on-off switch assembly have a mounting shank with threads long enough to protrude through the front aluminum panel and be secured with a nut and washer? What is the part number of the knob that is used with the volume control?

      Does the balance control have concentric shafts with separate rear knob and front knob or does it have a single shaft with a knob that looks like the others in the area behind the door? On the unit I bought the balance control and knob are missing. I did learn from Dave that the balance control is a linear taper, not an audio taper control so that will make sourcing a new one easier. However if it has two concentric shafts with separate knobs for each channel it will be much more difficult to find a substitute.

      Thanks in advance.

    12. byoungman1
      Happy new year to you!
    13. oregon_1972
      Hello Don!
      Please help me. I found You tread about the Fisher X 100. "One of the output transformers gets too hot". I have this problem.No Sound problem but one OT is much hotter as the other ( Right one OT, Front/Top view ). Should it be the Electrolytics caps problems or maybe I have to check resistors first? Which one? Thank You,best regards.Vic
    14. chinacave
      Hi Don -

      Hope your T-giving was pleasant and happy -

      I was just going to post this FS on BT - then thought I'd see if you had any interest or need -

      Fisher FM-200-B in need of care - I was thinking of asking $85 - feel free to disabuse me of that either up or down - really no idea what to ask for if anything.

      Best / IDB / CC

      - Text -

      Fisher FM-200-B rough / parts or EPIC restoration Fodder
      As found / Untested -

      Faceplate OK w/ usual scuffs- dial glass intact / all tubes present / FISHER cord & those ubiquitous yellow tags.

      Lets say $85.00 + shipping ConUS via UPS from 10536


    15. audiodon
      I can set you up with something. Pm me inside the forum and I'll send you my cell phone #.
    16. stupidhead
      Hi Don,
      Found your profile poking around AK. I am new to the site and live in Southern New Hampshire. Do you have a "store" I can visit. I am hoping to find a Fisher 500C for my home. I recently picked up a Thorens TD320 mkII and need something to match it up with. I have a few feelers out, but not in a particular rush. I am sending a freind request as well! Hope to hear from you.
    17. notime2read
      Hey Don. Someone on the Fisher forum suggested I ping you about your interconnects:

      Send "audiodon" a PM here, and inquire about his interconnects. The male connectors he uses are of a "smallish" nature, and work well with older female RCA jacks. Well made, reasonably priced.

      You still selling or making them?


    18. jaba1971
      I had posted a question regarding a issue I was having with my receiver and was told that you had a sticky on cleaning pots and such. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to provide me the link I would greatly appreciate it.
    19. baco99
      Don - Thanks again for the cables. I'll be back for more.
    20. pioneer560pl
      hi don, just noticed your a subscriber and you have many posts.. i was wondering if you could possibly help me source a pioneer pl-560 turntable ? im in bad need of one! i've contacted a few people but had no luck.. thank you :)
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    Jun 23, 1957 (Age: 61)
    RIP 1957-2018
    Technical writer, formerly technical trainer.
    Former sound man, with engineering and communications degrees. Equipment - All kinds of Fisher tube gear, Thorens 320 Turntable with AT 440ML OCC cartridge, Lexicon RT-20 universal player, Oppo 105 Darbee, Sony HAPZ1ES, Spendor speakers and others.

    Tube audio restoration, audio in general.